Faster Grouping of positions in Offers / Invoices

Ok so at present time, when you build an offer / invoice you have the possibility to use groups (which is cool if you need to separate things in your offer / invoice and at our company we do that a lot).

You create a group and then create each sub-item into that group via the "+" button on the group element.

The feature I'd like to see implemented is like the Wordpress CMS menu builder but applied to offers / invoices creation.

You can see it in action in this short video:

In bexio at the moment when I place a standard position in a group, if I want to move that position to another group I have to delete the position and then create a new one, which seems kinda crazy.


btw keep up the good work with bexio! Clap clap for developers :)

  • Roberto Cabassi Bombardieri
  • Jul 29 2019
  • Future consideration