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Invoice view Merged

For the Bexio invoice view (the list) it would be loads better for us - and I think a lot of businesses - if we could see "amount received" and "remaining amount owed" for the invoices. In place, perhaps, of where we see "Net" and "Gross".


For our business clients pay in instalments and that means a gross invoice for 10'000 chf might be paid in five '2000 chf payments. We need to see this at a glance for all the invoices so we get a quick picture of outstanding amounts. 


The "Partial" payment is useful but I need to open each in voice to see the Incoming amounts and pending amounts.


What you have in the invoice is great - I would love to see it in the main invoice list view as well.




PS translations in the ideas.bexio section would be better too

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  • Nov 16 2018
  • Future consideration