Retail shops sales

As of now, it does not seem straightforward to input my daily turnover with sales module of Bexio:

I have to create an invoice (though in reality, there is not one), then this will move accounts 1100 and 3200 (sometimes 3201 for some clients that pay at month end; for who I could use the traditional invoice module if needed)

There I can only make the appropriate input via manual entry:

I had to create several accounts for my credit card providers (Postcard, Visa, Mastercard, etc.) and then I make operations between 1100 and those accounts. Everytime I have a popup to tell me I should not do manual entries on 1100 but I do not see any other option.

Once I receive the money from on my bank account I can do the reconciliation.


I think the sales modules could be adapted to take into account retail business, as most of those shops have the same operating model: you are paid cash or bw card by your customer and you close everyday your operations.

Having a "Daily sales" or "POS" part in the sales module of Bexio could be used to directy make those operations without having to create an invoice.


The other advantage is that it could be also used to recognize my turnover in the dashboard, which is not the case if I do not create an invoice and only use manual entries.

  • Romain Furestier
  • Jul 26 2018
  • Future consideration