Searching the Bexio Item by Produktcode via API


I have using the API with on my WordPress site.

Here is API is working when I search the Bexio Items by "intern_name" but when I search the Bexio Items by "intern_code" then it is getting the error.

I want to search Item by "intern_code", have read the document for that but here not found the option for this.
Doc link:


(Request detail):

 "value": "400MS9115000018040_main"



I have added some screenshort for Code, Responce, Reference Doc and Bexio Dashbord.

I have already talked on bexio Support, but here i have not receive the solution for that.
No method for that.

Please make the method for that, create any solution.


Thank you,

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  • Jun 20 2019
  • Unlikely to implement
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    Patrice Freling commented
    02 Jul 13:10


    Thank you for reaching out to us. You are correct, in our current API version it is only possible to search via intern_name. We currently aren't working on a new version of the product API but will take this feedback into consideration for future development.

    Best regards,

    Patrice Freling

    Product Owner - App Marketplace