SSO and 2 Factor authentication

it would be great to have a better ux from the login flow. most web apps allow you to stay logged in and will save your 2nd factor for a few days/weeks. That would be a great improvement. i find always annoying to have to log into the platform. 

  • Pascal Aubort
  • Jul 8 2018
  • Future consideration
Platform Component Login/ SSO
  • David Berier commented
    August 16, 2018 13:54

    I think it would make sense to support plattforms like Azure Active Directory or Okta as an Idenity Provider and invoke their infrastructure as Identity-as-a-Service Provider to do the authentication & MFA. 

  • Bruno Gustavs commented
    26 Aug 06:49

    Das Anliegen ist nachvollziehbar, hat aber sicherheitstechnisch gravierende Konsequenzen. Wenn das umgesetzt wird, bitte nur mit opt-in. Bexio hat schon ohne Identity-Provider Probleme mit dem Datenschutz. FIDO2 könnte Abhilfe schaffen.