pr_package of Projects module should be reached by API and not only through GUI

  • Shanshan Zhang
  • Jun 27 2018
  • Shipped
  • Marc Chauvin commented
    20 Apr 08:36

    I started with the API this week and I am astonished to witness the API is not finished. And hasn't been for almost 2 years now.. This function ist mandatory since packages are core functionality of the project module, which we pay an extra for. It just looks like the programmer quit his job before he was finished and Bexio forgot to fill the gap. It surely is no rocket science to implement this, can't understand the attitude. The timesheet function returns both pr_project_id and pr_package_id with values, it is incounceiveable one would think the first should be retrievable while the other isn't. Having functions missing from the API, I can't continue using it. Bexio, please build an API, not half-an-API. Think about an API-first approach and you'll have an even better life.

    Bexio is a great product in my eyes, please continue to improve!

  • Pierre-André Vullioud commented
    09 Feb 13:36

    This is very important to track time with the API

  • Andreas Leuenberger commented
    December 13, 2019 08:12

    Same here: must have! This is not a feature request: it's a missing feature already documented in the api documentation. So please implement this.

  • Pierre-Yves Rosat commented
    November 15, 2019 04:51

    If we can not get a simple REST request like this  to list all packages, it’a a NOGO for using Bexio.

  • Roger Guggenheim commented
    May 09, 2019 13:56

    Please make it available, this should not be a big deal - it is an incomplete implementation.

  • Christian Güdemann commented
    March 26, 2019 06:54

    Please make this available. A simple get implemnation in form of /pr_package/byproject/<projectid>/ to list them all would be very appreciated.

    The call should return the all packages of a defined project.

  • Jasmine Quanbrough commented
    July 05, 2018 12:52

    Dear Mr Woeffray

    Thank you very much for your input.

    We apologize that the information you gathered through our documentation was misleading. Access to pr_package is unfortunately not possible with the current bexio API.

    Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to receiving more of your ideas.


    Jasmine Quanbrough

  • Alain Woeffray commented
    June 27, 2018 12:02

    This behaviour is documented. Based on that documentation, we choosen to use Bexio instead of another system. We spent a lot of developement time to integrates the usage of the API on our management system. It is a MUST have for us if we want to continue to use Bexio.