Updating the PDF of the invoice via the API

Hi everybody. I was thinking about all the artists that are using Bexio. I would find interesting to be more flexible in the layout of our invoice in order to send invoices to our clients with our proper "style". For example, I am working with a graphic designer that would like to adjust the look of the invoices accordingly to the look of his compagny. To do that I was thinking about a way to replace the PDF that is automatically generated in Bexio when we click on "send the invoice via email" by our own PDF. Ideally it could be great to do that automatically via the API. For exemple we get the data of the invoice via the API, then we use them to create the new invoice the way we want and at the end we update the PDF in Bexio by the one we created. Maybe this idea joins the following post: https://ideas.bexio.com/ideas/STOCK-I-21
Thank you for your attention

  • Antoine Branca
  • Nov 2 2020