Contact Partner List (User without Login) cannot be extracted in the API as part of the User List

Dear Bexio Team,

we are building an API to our internal user portal where we try to link the Invoice to the consultants we have.

Today we use the Contact Partner for this purpose to map the Invoice to the Client + to the Consultant.

When retrieving the list of Users via API we do not see the Contact Partners (User without Login) in the list. Only the list of Login Users + our Accountants.

Can you please add this also to the API Scope?

Thank you inadvance.


  • Milad Gharib
  • Apr 17 2020
  • Shipped
  • Jun 10, 2020

    Antwort von bexio

    Dear Mr. Gharib,

    Thank you for your idea!

    We have added a few new endpoints to the API with our latest release and one of the endpoints is about the list of contact partners (user without login). You can find the documentation at

    Best regards,