Implement the accouting plan for Swiss PME


Since this accouting plan meet for me the needs of all the swiss small companies

  • Eric Odeyer
  • Jul 4 2019
  • Already exists
  • Jul 5, 2019

    Antwort von bexio

    Dear Mr. Odeyer

    Thank you for your Idea.

    The bexio chart of accounts is already based on the modèle de comptabilité PME (Kontenrahmen KMU) in German, Italian and French. Only the English version is translated by our self from the German one because there is no official English version.

    We are providing the ca. 200 for our clients most important accounts, but not the whole chart of accounts and it's adapted to the legal for in which the bexio account is created.

    Kind regards

    Agnetha Habegger Product Owner Accounting