Bills - bookings to 2300, 1192, 1194 not just with tax expemption vat code

Would be very useful and time consuming if could book to 2300, 1192 and 1194 accounts (and to similar accounts also) using category includes vat and service import tax. We would not need to use transfer accounts for booking like this.

  • Petra Trbojevic
  • Jul 4 2019
  • Planned
  • Jul 9, 2019

    Antwort von bexio

    Good morning Mrs. Trbojevic

    Thank you for your Idea.

    I am not quite sure if I understood you correctly. Do you want to set your own default accounts for each vat rate or do you want to post on this accounts directly? If it is the second one to book on this accounts directly in a bill, that now possible since a view month. If you need help for it, please feel free to call our support team: +41 71 552 00 60.

    Kind regards

    Agnetha Habegger Product Owner Accounting

  • Agnetha Habegger commented
    9 Jul, 2019 03:55pm

    Dear Petra

    Thank you for the explanation now it's clear for me. We are working on this right now with the rebuild of the whole purchase module in the new one you will be able to book such cases directly. Until the new bills are ready I recommend you to do manual entries instead of bills with a transfer account. In the manual entries you can book every possibility.

    Kind regards.

    Agnetha Habegger Product Owner Accounting

  • Petra Trbojevic commented
    5 Jul, 2019 08:04am

    Dear Agnetha,


    We would like to post to these accounts directly using VAT codes like "includes VAT" and "service import tax". Since it is not possible know, we have to use some transfer accounts for transactions like this and then reebok them to 2300/1192/1194 accounts. It is possible to book to these accounts in Bill only if you use VAT code Tax exempt. 

    If you need more detailed explanation please let me know.

    Best regards,

    Petra Trbojevic